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Star-Crossed is a show based loosely off Romeo and Juliet a largely modern twist, with Aliens in it. It deals with many problems that take place in our day and age even though the show takes place well into the future. There’s a lot of cool things about this show and it’s plot and with each episode it gets better, but don’t just take mine and the fandom, the StarGazers, word for it, watch it yourself! Below I will have a link to the CW’s website to the episodes.

Guys, the reason I’m making this post is simply because this show’s ratings is in trouble! For it being such a good show, the ratings need to be higher! And trust me, no one wants to see it get cancelled with it’s amazing cast as well. I know for a fact that no one wants to see their show come to an end because of low ratings when it has so much potential. So this is a plea, a cry of help, from all fandoms out there, please! Watch Star-Crossed on Monday nights at 8/7 Central. If you cannot watch it live, you can also watch it on the CW’s website and on Hulu, for that will count towards the ratings of the show.

Please guys, the ratings went down last week and it was such a good episode, it had a lot of plot development and you were allowed to learn more about the story and the background behind things.

The CW’s site to watch it can be found here.

So I just got word that the ratings have fallen since last week and this really saddens me. I know there are so many people liking and reblogging these posts to raise the rating and I know so many StarGazers out there really apperciate it and send out their thanks, myself being one of them, but please, I’m begging, the fandom is begging, for your guys’ help in raising our ratings so we can get that second season! Star-Crossed is such an amazing show if you just give it a try. It’s got indepth story lines and for once, it’s a show that doesn’t just focus on the ‘two’ main characters. It focuses on many, many more and it explores their backgrounds as well. It comes on every Monday at 8/7 central on the CW and seriously, I don’t care if you guys just turn your TV on to that show and don’t even watch it, it still counts as a rating, because you are watching it live and that’s what matters and if you don’t have TV or whatever, you can watch it free on the CW site and on Hulu and those both count towards ratings as well. I understand downloading the episode to make gifs and icons but please, watch it in so form to higher the ratings as well! That’s all that we’re asking of you guys!

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